Asthma FAQs

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Asthma can be controlled…
You can do it!

When you know how to control
it no longer
controls you!

What Is Asthma?

  • Asthma is a lung disease. It can be life threatening.
  • Asthma is chronic. In other words, you can live with it every day.
  • Asthma causes breathing problems.
  • These breathing problems are called attacks or episodes of asthma.

Symptoms are clues

  • "I cough a lot while I exercise or even when I rest after exercising."
  • "I have shortness of breath."
  • "I make a wheezing sound when I breathe."
  • "I feel a tightness in my chest."

Do you feel this way sometimes?
Any one of these symptoms may mean that you have asthma. You can have one or more of these symptoms or even different ones. Symptoms are clues that let you know that you are having an asthma attack.

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